What is Alula Energy?


Alula Energy will utilize wind power at higher altitudes to provide an economically viable source of electricity with minimal infrastructure requirements.


We  make it possible to produce clean wind energy at competitive price even in demanding inland locations. Thanks to the advanced technologies in unmanned aerial vehicles and composite materials we can turn the promise of affordable renewable energy into practical technical solution.


Alula Energy R&D is concentrated on our patent pending and reliable take-off and landing technology which is critical to the economic viability of Airborne WInd Energy.





History of Alula

Alula Energy Oy was founded in 2011 in city of Tampere, Finland. We have backround in Tampere University of technology, which is the leading university in Finland in the field of Airborne Wind Energy.

Wind energy has the potential to fullfill global energy demand as substantiated by a research study published in Nature Climate Change journal.


Wind power density is much higher at higher altitudes than near ground level.


Our office


Alula Energy co-operates with research groups and companies with interest in entering the field of Airborne Wind Energy as well as the established players.

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